The Girl with the Self-Esteem Issues PODCAST!




Episode 1: Play Here

The Path to Spirituality with Panache Desai

Episode 2: Play Here

Becoming Your Authentic Self with Carlos Gil

Episode 3: Play Here

Gracefully Aging and Becoming Fearless with Luz Maria Doria

Episode 4: Play Here

The Lessons of Self-Love and Personal Growth with Helen Ochoa

Episode 5: Play Here

How to Stop Self-Sabotaging with Dr. Judy Ho

Episode 6: Play Here

What it Means to Work on Yourself with Mike Bayer

Episode 7: Play Here

Learn the secrets to attaining inner peace through the power of surrender with Kute Blackson

Episode 8: Play Here

Illuminating the journey from trauma to hope with J.R. Martinez

Episode 9: Play Here

Justin Blum shares hard-earned wisdom on how second chances can lead to new growth

Episode 10: Play Here

How to excavate your authentic inner voice and stop the habit of people pleasing with Jerry Metellus